This presentation provides plenty of details about Eranea’s technology for mainframe transformation / migration.

We convert large Cobol / 3270 applications (millions of lines) 100% automatically to Java / web.

Usually powered by Linux (private cloud), the new application is then optimal from a financial efficiency standpoint (usually, many millions saved each year) and based on state-of-the-art platform. These new Java roots unleash massive potential for further evolution : lifetime of your application gets extended for many years.

Our very incremental amd fully riskless migration process is unique : using 100% automation and strict iso-functionnality, we transform the application / system in a very smooth manner so that your users remains undisturbed and fully productive. Each of them  is migrated independently of all of his colleagues.

For geeks, have a look at the second part of the slide deck :(Complements > Tooling) where we detail the large palette of tools that we propose to run the project in a fully industrial manner.

A brochure more focused on management issues can be downloaded also : see it below the slide deck

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