modernize your core IT system toward current standards

eranea delivers a technology to migrate legacy mission-critical applications (Cobol or 4GL like Ideal, Pacbase, Natural, etc.) 100% automatically to Java and html/ajax.

our methodology is riskless as the new system clones the old one and as both of them share live the same database: it allows a smooth and progressive migration of end-users without big-bang.

the source environment can be Unix (Aix, Solaris, etc) , z/OS, AS/400, GCOS, VMS / OpenVMS. The target is any platform running Java. Though, the most efficient is Linux on x86 servers.

(Last update : February 14th 2014)
massive modernization

Java and ajax/html fully replace the old technologies (Cobol, terminal emulation, etc.) which are abandoned.

The new platform brings direct and potential improvements in functions and technology. They extend the life of the application for many years.
huge savings

leaving a proprietary and expensive environment brings often huge savings: up to 90% on initial 3rd-party costs in most favorable cases.

these recurrent savings in millions CHF/ EUR finance the migration project and deliver a quick and important ROI:
riskless methodology

the new Java system is rebuilt nightly based on the very last Cobol maintenance. It runs in parallel with Cobol system by sharing same database in real-time.

Interactive transactions by end-users and batch jobs can then be transferred in tiny increments toward Java system to avoid all risks.
continuity & adherence

end-users need no training: they switch to their browser and restart their usual business activities as before with identical processes.

developers find, in the new Java source code, algorithms and structures that they master. Their productivity improve via modern tools (IDE, etc.).