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riskless & incremental transformation

Thanks to 100% automation, the new Java version is rebuilt every night (or more frequently) during the roll-out, based on the very last Cobol maintenance done over the day. It runs then at exact same functional level and collaboratewith Cobol system by sharing same database in real-time.

Interactive transactions by end-users and batch jobs can then be transferred in tiny increments toward Java system to avoid all risks : one by one, independently of all others, if so wished.

Thorough automated dual testing between legacy "green screen" (3270) and web interface (browser) guarantees strict iso-functionnality and top-level quality before the roll-out starts.

Application can migrated and rolled out by chunks as used by the various entities in your organization.

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huge savings & massive modernization

Leaving a proprietary and expensive environment toward open standards brings often huge savings: up to 90% but minimally 80% when compared to costs of migrated systems. These recurrent savings in millions USD/ EUR finance the migration project and deliver a quick and important ROI.

Linux, Java and ajax/html fully replace the old technologies (Cobol, terminal emulation, etc.) which are abandoned at end of project. Any standard web browser is the new end-user interface and advanced Java functions are fully available to developers.

The new platform brings direct and potential improvements in functions and technology. The life of the application gets extended for many years as massive potential for evolution gets unleashed.

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efficiency, productivity & involvement

End-users need no training: they switch to their browser and restart their usual business activities as before with same look-and-feel and identical transactions. Migration is a non-event for them : their productivity is unchanged.

Developers find, in the new Java source code, algorithms and structures as they've written them in Cobol. Their coding abilities improve with the adjunct of modern tools (IDE, etc.).

Throughout the project and the deployment of the new system, all stakeholders can leverage our extensive tooling to run all activities as an industrial process : deep reporting, statistics, progress monitoring, source code forensics, etc.

After the project, the new system can also be monitored by NeaControlCenter, our web appilcation gathering all the tools and services

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Modernize your core IT system toward Java, Web, Linux

Eranea delivers a very original solution (backed fully by its own technology ) to migrate, incrementally and without any risk, your legacy and mission-critical applications (Cobol or 4GL like Ideal, Pacbase, Natural, etc.) 100% automatically to Java and html/ajax. We transform your mainframe toward an x86 private cloud (OpenStack, CloudStack, etc.) based on Linux.

Our methodology is fully riskless and extremely incremental : the transcoded Java version produces strictly identical results as the original mainframe Cobol version. Both software share live the same database (the original mainframe database) during entire migration (database switched to x86 as ultimate step before mainframe stop): it allows a smooth and incremental transfer of end-users and other workload (batcn, etc.) without any big-bang. The migration is quite invisible for end-users : they do not need training and find in their browser the exact same interface that they were used to on their “green screen”.

The source environment can be Unix (Aix, Solaris, etc) , z/OS, AS/400, GCOS, VMS / OpenVMS. The target system is any platform running Java. Though, the most efficient is, from a financial standpoint, Linux on x86 servers. Currently, private cloud computing solutions (OpenStack, CloudStack) represent the most efficient underlying software stack for efficient management at large scale.

Check out full presentation of our technology by clicking the button on right side.